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  These Clear Panel doors were once commonly called Glass Panel doors. Times have changed with technology. We make the same fine door as always, and have replaced the glass with an acrylic panel. As clear as glass, these panels are scratch resistant and almost unbreakable. We have also made the panels easy to remove for cleaning.

  Whether you order with or without the grilles, we know that these doors will add beauty to any project at an affordable price.

Panel Clips  Panel clips are used to hold the plastic panels in place. (see right photo) They are concealed behind the door allowing a clear view into the cabinet. Panel clips can be loosened or tightened with a standard Phillips screwdriver.

Inside of cabinet door

This picture shows the inside of a door hung on a cabinet.






Red Oak Harvard Lexan Door w/grille


Our grilles are secured into the front of the door. This leaves room for the clear panel behind.  All the grilles divide the door once vertically and at least once horizontally. The picture to the left displays a Red Oak Harvard Lexan Door w/grille installed. This door is divided once vertically and twice horizontally and is a good representation of a typical wall cabinet door.







This picture  shows the perfect fit you get with our grilles. All our fitting is done by hand to give you the quality you deserve. Our grilles are made of solid wood. No veneers or plywood. We make the grille out of the same solid lumber that we use for your doors.




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