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   Rated in the 100 pound class this is a durable and dependable slide. Smooth and quiet running performance. Adaptable to frame mounting and 32mm frameless mounting. Captive member reduces side play. Positive stop, lift out disconnect stay closed design. Adjustment slots on both the drawer member and cabinet member ease installation. Positive lock-out feature is ideal for pullout work surfaces.
  We strongly recommend this slide. We use it every day in our cabinet shop. It can also be used along with the KV1284-4 Rear Mounting Socket. (Pictured above Right)  This allows mounting to the back wall of the cabinet. The Socket is 2 5/8" overall length and allows for a 2" adjustability in hardware length.

Height: 1 9/32"
Clearance: 1/2" + 1/32" minus 0" each side.
Mounting: Side/bottom mount screws fasten to either side of bottom of drawer.
Load Rating: 100 Pound Class
Action: Captive in one member on self lubricating Acetel rollers.
Finish: Epoxy coated over steel.
Lengths Available: 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 Inches
Colors: White or Almond

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KV1284 Drawer Slides.  KV1284-4 Socket
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